Shenzhen Kitoch technology Co., LTD is a professional with the 3c electronic digital products cross-border e-commerce company, the company is mainly through the speed sell tong, eBay, DunHuang, Amazon and other cross-border e-commerce platform to carry out foreign trade business. Kitoch was founded in 2013, since its established in the field of cross-border e-commerce has achieved rapid development, the company's annual growth rate has been still keeping more than 50% for many years, present speed sell tong business department has for three consecutive years in the industry forefront.

Company at the early stage of the product mainly tablets, is now actively developing Outdoor Sport,  bluetooth speakers,accessories and other items, strive to achieve leapfrog development in the coming years, grow up to be a have a certain visibility and reputation in the industry and respected cross-border e-commerce company.

As a highly growing cross-border electricity enterprise, at present we have a young, efficient, rigorous, pragmatic electric business of foreign trade team, look to the future, we welcome more and more young people to join our young and full of vigor and vitality of the team.


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